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A l’ombra del mango

“A l’ombra del mango” is the result of what happens when two entrepreneurs, one 84 years old and the other 27, come together to carry out a project: the Cooperativa de las Madres de Ziguinchor (Senegal).

“A l’ombra del mango” is also a report in the form of a short documentary that proposes a solution to the reality of most Senegalese women regarding the education of their children.

This piece explains the experience of Georgina Regàs and Mamadou Saliou that they decide to undertake a common project to give job to three Senegalese women and offer them resources to pay their children’s school.


  • 15 june, 2017. REALEASE. Sala Mompou, SGAE Catalunya, passeig de Colom, 6. Barcelona
  • 15 september, 2017. 20h. Centre cívic Santa Eugènia. Girona.
  • Octubre de 2017 (date to be confirmed). Organised by Associació Art i Cultura. Sant Vicenç de Castellet.
  • Date to be confirmed. Acadèmia Guiu. Barcelona.
A lombra del mango


An Inlens Media, Museu de la Confitura & Diandé Africa documentary short film.

Directors: Anna Valero & Xavi Figueras
Producer: Marina Fancelli
Director of production: Xavi Figueras
Screenwriters: Irene Selvaggi & Roc Checa
Director’s assistant: Quim Cusó
Video editor: Anna Valero
Colorist: David Avecilla
Music and sound editor: Miquel Coll
GraphicsPetit Comité

Senegal shooting: Anna Valero
Barcelona & Empordà shooting: Inlens Media


If you want to know more about this project, you can download the complete dossier here or send an e-mail to: